Safety | Total Ninja | Ninja Obstacle Park | Trafford Park, Manchester
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The Ninja Code

We have no use for injured ninjas, so follow the Ninja Code and live to fight another day.

  • We highly recommend that you wear our Total Ninja gloves. A ninja with sore hands is half a ninja. Protect your hands and swing longer
  • We strongly recommend you warm up your body/muscles before entering the runs
  • Always watch out for other ninjas before attempting any obstacle
  • Make sure there is enough distance between yourself and the ninja in front of you before you start the run
  • Give way to the faster ninja
  • Always stay within your means when attempting all obstacles
  • If there is a foam pit under the obstacle you are attempting, make sure that it is clear of other ninjas before you attempt it
  • Only Ninjas over the height of 1.25m are permitted to use the jump platform onto the airbag
  • When jumping from the platform onto the airbag, always land on your bum or back. No ninja flips please
  • When landing on matting and with a two-footed landing
  • Only one ninja to jump at a time from the platform onto the airbag. Make sure the airbag is clear of other ninjas before you jump
  • Weight limit is 20 stone for all obstacles
  • Staff are there to provide guidance and safety advice only, any physical assistance must be provided by a trained professional ninja only
  • All Ninjas must wear suitable footwear (E.G Trainers) no bare foot or flipflops