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Demo Page

This is a demo

This is a demo of the different layout modules on the website. Most modules allow you to set the background colour. Some don’t have options because they are just feeds of content from other parts of the website.

This row is the “Layout — Text” module.

The row below is the “Layout — Image” module.

Optional Button

Optional heading

This row is the “Layout — Text | Image” module.


Optional Button

Optional heading

This row is the “Layout — Text | Image (50:50 Blocks)” module. The layout can be flipped horizontally (image on left, text on right).


Optional heading

This row is the “Layout — Text | Image” module. You can choose to add a black triangular mask to the left or right of the row, and/or to add a slash element to the bottom right of the box.


Optional Button

This row is the “Layout — Text | Map” module. The map on the right can either use the default map (set on the General Settings page) or you can define another location.

The obstacles feed

This row is the “Feed — Obstacles” module. The obstacles are displayed automatically based on what is relevant to this page. For example, if this page’s parent page was ‘The Park’, we would be given the option to select which obstacles were available on this particular course/run, and only those obstacles would be displayed in this feed. As this page isn’t for a specific course/run, this feed will show all obstacles within the park as a whole.


Floating Bridge
Climbing Wall
Foam Pits
Giant Airbag
Quad Steps
Jump Tower
Spider Wall
Sea of Doors
Rotating Logs
Warped Wall
Tilting Beams

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Enquire about something

This row is the “Form — Email Enquiry” module. You need to add a heading, some introductory text, the recipient(s) email address(es) and the email subject (for when you receive the enquiries).